An Industrial Affiliates Program for

Integrated Applied Energy Data Analytics and Machine Learning


Our Mission:

To develop novel technologies, practical workflows, demonstrations and documentation to support the digital revolution in energy.


DIRECT consortium membership cost is $60k/year. Through the member company support, the DIRECT consortium supports the graduate students conducting the planned research, supervised by leading faculty and while integrating input from the consortium member companies. We partner closely with our member companies. Interested companies are welcome.


Our current sponsors:

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For more information or feel free to contact us:


Prof. Michael J. Pyrcz, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Prof. John Foster, Ph.D.
Prof. Carlos Torres-Verdin, Ph.D.
Prof. Eric van Oort, Ph.D.

We are happy to discuss...



Download a PDF document of the overview slides from our first annual IAP review meeting held on June 24, 2020 HERE.